We supply a very wide range of spare parts for nearly all the models that Chevron has produced. Due to the very wide range of models we do not hold all of these parts in stock (although the more common items are generally available “off the shelf” ) but we manufacture these to order.

We are the only company that can manufacture these parts using the original jigs, drawings, patterns and body moulds.
Amongst the items we supply are:
Body panels Wishbones Steering racks
Brake discs Brake calipers Aerofoils
Chevron Wheels Seats Radius Rods
Uprights FIA approved Fuel Tanks Windscreens
Drive Shafts  Headlamp Covers Radiators
Complete chassis Engine/gearbox adaptor plates
Of course we are able to ship these to customers based outside the UK.

**Please note that due to increased engine power, track surface and tyre technology, cornering speeds and loads can be substantially higher than experienced “in period”. We strongly recommend our clients to run 3 piece (“split rim”) wheels with Chevron magnesium alloy centres rather than early style one piece wheels which under some circumstances may fail.