David Witt acquires Chevron Cars Limited...

David Witt acquires Chevron Cars Limited - Chevron Cars Ltd and Chevron Heritage Ltd to remain sister companies

Racer and businessman David Witt has recently acquired Chevron Cars Limited, with the company (as of January 2013) consisting of two divisions.

Chevron Cars Limited will handle the development, manufacture and support of current specification Chevron GT cars, under the direction of David Witt.

Meanwhile, Chevron Heritage Limited will handle all aspects of “historic” business – that is repair and service of Chevrons built before 2005, provision of spare parts for these cars and the manufacture of genuine Chevron Continuation Cars.

Roger Andreason remains a director and shareholder of Chevron Cars Limited – giving continuity of shareholding from 1983. Roger Andreason and Tim Colman remain majority shareholders of Chevron Heritage Limited with David Witt becoming a minority shareholder in that company.

David Witt commented: “I’m pleased to announce my recent acquisition of Chevron Cars Limited, and look forward to working with Roger [Andreason] and Tim Colman. I know that the company will continue to go from strength to strength and we have numerous developments in the pipeline for the Chevron GT range of cars.”

Roger Andreason said: “This is one of those very rare “win-win-win” situations. Tim Colman and I will continue to develop the historic side of the Chevron business to the clear benefit of the owners of historic Chevron cars. David Witt will have total control of the manufacture and support of current specification cars. So we win, David wins and more importantly the owners of Chevrons, new and old, win.”

Chevron Cars Limited will be based in newly equipped workshops in Crewe and the heritage business will continue to operate from a facility near Bolton. There will be a very close technical and engineering co-operation between the two organisations.

Please contact Chevron Cars Limited on +44 (0)1270 581 508 regarding any Chevron GT enquiries, or visit www.chevronGTcars.com.

For information on pre 2005 Chevron race cars, contact Chevron Heritage Limited on +44 (0)1256 345 582 or email tim@chevronracingcars.com.